Redefining Sound



Virulity is all about bringing aspects of your dreams to life, virtually and globally. Here at Virulity discover talent and young entrepreneurs and distribute their products and broadcast their ideas. Virulity is the go to place for all your social media boosting needs and product enhancements. The word virulity in itself means universal exposure. That means with us you have the opportunity to be on the front page, but also on the world stage. Founded by the creator of MoreLYF Incorporated, Rayon Bowen (artist formerly known RaJah Di MessenJah {16^GOD}, Virulity serves as a public domain for all and any form of business. Virulity is a home for the primal sound developed by our founder. We welcome all forms of businesses to our services. We welcome artists, record labels, promoters, dancers, and all various positions to work with us. Virulity serves as a home for epic/sol' music. Please contact us for any inquires. USA, LLC - Movies, Music, Electronic Games & more USA, LLC